Steel wire for the production of sandblasting pellets

Steel wire can be used in the production of sandblasting pellets, also known as abrasive blasting media. Sandblasting pellets are small, hard particles that are propelled at a surface to remove paint, rust, or other coatings, or to prepare a surface for painting or coating, can be also use in hardness surface treatment of particular pieces

Steel wire can be used as one of the materials to create abrasive pellets for sandblasting applications.

High-quality steel wire is selected for its durability and hardness. The wire should be suitable for abrasive applications and able to withstand the forces involved in sandblasting Quality control measures are essential to ensure that the steel wire for pellets meet the required specifications. This involve checking for diameter, hardness, tensile and other properties.

Chemical Composition

C: 0,42 – 0,85 % , Si:0,10 – 0,35 %, Mn:0,30 – 1,30 %, P:max 0,040 %, S:max 0,050 %

Hardness: 400 ÷ 500 HV (41 ÷ 49 HRC)


Size from 0.60 mm to 3.00 mm, other size on request