Our company is currently a major distributor of cold drawn steel wire, black or heat coated with Zinc or Zinc + Aluminum and hard drawn wire products such as metallic fiber and a wide range of loose and coil nails. Through the European quality products offered, we ensure the raw materials and materials used by our customers with very diverse fields of activity, as follows:

The drawn wires, depending on the technical characteristics (matte, spring, galvanized, etc.), are intended for:

• The production of fence panels, welded construction nets, the tying of reinforcement elements and the fixing of formwork, the manufacture of wire elements produced on automatic machines for deformation and cutting

• Production of bent and welded wire elements for furniture, shop buildings and household equipment

• Execution of braided nets, rib net, barbed wire, industrial fabrics

• Realization of palisades and trellises in vineyards and orchards

Metal fiber is sought after for:

• The metal fiber reinforcement of classic concrete, being much more economical than the welded mesh reinforcement and having the property of increasing the breaking strength of the concrete. Metal fibers are used only for surfaces that tolerate corrosion and allow a low degree of rust.

Loose or roll nails (for pneumatic guns) are required for:

• Assemblies of ladders in constructions

• Manufacturing of pallets

• Production of soft or hard wood packaging

• The furniture industry and applications on chipboard and OSB

• Ensuring superior resistance thanks to different profiles (ringed, twisted)

The superior characteristics of all our products are ensured by the continuous modernization of the manufacturing technologies used and the park of high-performance machines at our disposal provided by companies such as SKET, KOCH, FIB, MARIO FRIGERIO, ENKOTEC, IMANPACK and INNO ROBOTICS.