Production of Trellis Wire for Vineyard and Agriculture

A vineyard trellis is a critical component of grapevine cultivation, designed to support and train grapevines for optimal growth and fruit production. Trellis systems are essential for maintaining vine health, improving grape quality, and facilitating efficient vineyard management. Trellis wires are an integral part of these systems and play a crucial role in shaping the vines and supporting the grape clusters. There for our galvanized wire is the perfect solution for setting up the espaliers in vineyards with traditional grape harvesting or mechanical harvesting.

Vineyard trellis wires are  made from high-strength materials galvanized steel wire. The thickness of the wire is in range from 1.20 mm to 2.80 mm.

The mechanical characteristics of our wire will result in your less maintenance for re-tensioning the trellis support system.

Choosing our wire will make your vineyard as profitable as possible; our heavy coated wires have excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion and chemicals. They are very easy to bend without cracking on the surface. Its smooth surface will have less chips and that won’t harm your grapes in any way.