Our company, “Industrial Steel Wires” Câmpia Turzii SRL, has the acronym ISWCT. There is an obvious similarity with the acronym of the company that operated in the same location until 2005, “Industria Sârmei” Câmpia Turzii SA – ISCT, a nationally and internationally renowned metallurgical company. From the brief chronological presentation that follows, it will be seen that the similarity is not accidental:

  • 1920 – The “Industria Sârmei” Câmpia Turzii (ISCT) plant is established. To begin with, in 1921, the mild steel drawing room and the nail factory were put into operation, and in 1922, the wire rolling mill was put into operation, the first of its kind in Romania. In the following years, the profile of the company expanded continuously by opening new production units. At the time of privatization, the company is one step closer to being a metallurgical plant with an integrated production flow, the missing link being only the continuous casting process.
  • 2003 – ISCT is privatized, the buyer is the Swiss company Conares Trading AG.
  • 2005 – “Industria Sârmei” Câmpia Turzii changes its name to Mechel Câmpia Turzii.
  • 2013 – The company Mechel Câmpia Turzii enters insolvency. In February, the Russian Mechel group sold the Câmpia Turzii plant to Invest Nikarom, and the company returned to its old name “Industria Sârmei” Câmpia Turzii (ISCT).
  • 2020 – The production assets owned by Industria Sârmei Câmpia Turzii (ISCT) SA are transferred to the company “Industrial Steel Wires” Câmpia Turzii (ISWCT) SRL. The company is owned by Alphard Financial Corp.

In the following years, investments were made in new production equipment, thus diversifying the range of quality products from drawn wire required on the market.